Serflings is a remake of The Settlers 1 or Serf City in some countries.
The game is as close to the original game as possible but also includes some useful extensions like higher resolutions and network games.

Important: To get the game to start you need one file from the original settlers 1 game because graphics and sounds are read from there. Please copy the file SPAE.PA (SPAD.PA for German, SPAF.PA for French) in the same directory where the remake is.

The remake is compatible with the files from the DOS version and the History Edition.

The original game as History Edition is sold by Ubisoft either as part of the History Collection or individually.
History Collection:
Individual game:

Downloads with integrated Java runtime

Download Windows 64Bit ZIP
Download Windows 32Bit ZIP

Downloads with integrated Java runtime
To run the game you need version 8 of a Java runtime from Oracle or OpenJDK. If you consider other runtimes, the game might not work as expected.

Download EXE
Download JAR

Newest Version: 0.17.0 of May 8, 2019 (Changelog)

The controls match the ones from the original game including special click (left + right mouse buttons together) for actions like viewing the content of a building and scrolling by holding the right mouse button.

You may use the following additional keys:

Features already included

Still missing or planned features

Have fun playing the game.

Serflings Screenshot