Hunters Screenshot (VGA)

Hunters is a remake of Rockford, a clon of Boulder Dash for DOS.

The game is fully playable and includes all features of the original game.

Important: To get the game to start you need the files from the original Rockford game because graphics and levels are read from there. Please copy all files (*.car, *.fil, cellmaps.bin) in the same directory where the game is.

The original game is currently not sold anywhere.

Downloads with integrated Java runtime

Download Windows 64Bit ZIP
Download Windows 32Bit ZIP

Downloads with integrated Java runtime
To run the game you need version 8 of a Java runtime from Oracle or OpenJDK. If you consider other runtimes, the game might not work as expected.

Download EXE
Download JAR

Newest Version: 1.0.0 of August 21, 2021

For bugs and feature requests: Github

Have fun playing the game.